You Dream It! We'll Help You Achieve It!

We hate jargon-filled web copy that attempts to sound high-minded but fails to provide meaningful clarity. Sure, who doesn’t love leveraging synergistic relationships and optimizing human capital to uncover value-added systemic alignments between stakeholders.

And while we could charge by the syllable and confusion for the above word salad we prefer actually helping our clients.


Reporting systems that extract, gather, & clean data and business automation that replaces tedious, error-filled, manual processes with simple, error-free, and elegant push-of-a-button applications.

We believe information should inform and automation should make people’s lives easier.

Our consulting approach, called, Concept Over Process, places the focus on our client: their operation, their people, and their goals and objectives. We strive to learn about and from our clients. With that understanding we can deliver qualitatively superior solutions.

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Automated Reporting: Data is taken from Airtable, cleaned and moved into Google BigQuery (SQL) and used to generate a series of complex Google Documents with charts, graphs, and geo-encoded maps. These reports are generated monthly and distributed as PDF’s via email.

Data Cleanup & Migration: Data is pulled from various business databases (Oracle, SQL Server, Spreadsheets, and JSON exports), cleaned and unified, and pulled into a master SQL Server. Data migration prep and error/exception reporting logs are prepared and the data moved into the parent-company master database.

Contract Assembly: Complex language libraries and a simplified Excel interface, creates dynamic documents - filling in situational specific paragraphs and document sections, in order to create a series of legal contracts.

We call those solutions! But, if you really want some synergies, we keep several in our backroom.
They are always looking for a good home.