Using Power Automate to Run Excel VBA and Connect to a 32 bit Datasource

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Download files with code and database are included below the video

Technical Specs:

  • Sage 50 Accounting Database (32 bit Pervasive SQL)
  • 32 bit ODBC Connector
  • Office 365 (32 bit)
  • Microsoft Access Database (linked to Sage 50 via ODBC) to manage ECommerce Product Data
  • Microsoft Excel VBA (macro file - .xlsm)

Our client has a Sage 50 Accounting database and needed a way to manage products being sent via API (REST/JSON) to their ECommerce Solution.

Later this week I’ll be posting how to create the JSON product objects and send them to the API - including all the Power Automate FLOWS, VBA, & SQL code - so that you could create a trial on Orderspace and create products.

This is just a small part of that solution but one that a few people on LinkedIn asked about.

Watch the video below. Additionally, the VBA code and Microsoft Access Connection String are included below as well.



The Excel/Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code

Download this Zip file with the Access Database and Excel VBA Code and necessary ADO connection strings.
(including a few additional function)


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